11 Home Repair Tips You Can Use

All Singaporeans know that as long as you have a place of residence, you must have a few repair tips at your fingertips. Well, maybe not the technical aspect of it but just knowing where to get help or seek professional advice is what is paramount. Regardless of whether you built your building from the ground up or just bought a new one, the mere fact that you have the home brings out the handyman-ship in you.


Home repair goes just beyond fixing broken subsections of the home. In fact, the primary objective of home improvement tasks is often to prevent these damages before they occur. In case they occur, knowledge on how to fix it helps you to contain the problem before it gets worse or as you wait for the handyman to arrive.
Check out the home repair tips below just in case anything goes wrong (which they always do) unexpectedly:

1. Create a to-do list

Realistically speaking, a home is never perfect. At any one time, there are bound to be a myriad of problems here and there. Maybe the air conditioner is unusually noisy. At the same time, you could be having gutters that are misplaced and a leaking tap. Arrange these tasks according to priority. What is it that you want to fix urgently? Get a notebook or a sticky note where you pen down every problem as it arises. Start with what you deem important to you and slowly progress to less pressing tasks.

2. Use tacks for the dining chairs

Are you noticing that your floor finish is wearing off? Look closely at your dining chairs and any other furniture such as tables. The surfaces that come into contact with the floor are probably causing this problem. Hammer in tacks that have soft felt pads so that the wood stops rubbing on the floor. Occasionally, check for these tacks to see if they have worn off. Chairs, sofas and other home furniture that are frequently used often wear off quickly.

3. Deal with old picture holes

Of course, there are decent pins that you could use to hold pictures and charts to your wall. For some reason, however, holes are often drilled onto the wall to hold items. After their use, what remains are ugly holes and glaring black dots that are displeasing to the eye. Use a patching compound to fill up these holes. Unlike sandpaper, the lightweight compound will get the job done and there is no dust or damage to the wall.


4. Use quality materials

There are no two ways about it. If you opt for cheap things, then you are compromising on what could be the longevity of your property. Top quality drawers, for instance, mean that your cabinets will be efficient, easy to operate and they won’t stick. If you are not aware of how to choose the right equipment for your home, feel free to seek professional advice. You do not want to fix your garage door today only for it to break down a week later because you bought low-end tools.

5. Decide whether it is DIY or not

Nobody is a know it all. In home repair, you cannot possibly know how to fix the roof, the air conditioner, the plumbing system and everything else in the house. Even if you have a workshop that is fully stocked, some repair tasks are better left to the professionals. For practical reasons, limit your DIY jobs to what you are familiar with or repairs that you have successfully attempted before.

6. Learn what you can

As much as there are professionals such as the plumber, the electrician, and the handyman, there are home repairs that you should never let a professional do for you. Be proactive and go out of your way to learn the basic tips of home repair. If one of your bathroom glass window is broken, you surely do not need a professional to come fix for you. All you need to do is get the measurements, visit the hardware shop and get the essentials. In this case, a new tinted glass and some putty.

7. Always use the right tools

You know it too well that you cannot undertake any home repair with your bare hands. At the very least, you must have a tool box with a few screws and plumbing tools. Perhaps the most important component of all is your smartphone or your computer. There are a lot of online videos and tutorials on how to undertake repairs around the home. Do not forget to include a duct tape to this list. Electrical wires and other components that need insulation are a common culprit.

Home Repair

8. Prioritize safety

There is no point in trying to salvage your property only for you to extend the damages. The safety code is very simple. If you don’t know what you are doing, stop and let a professional take care of it. Further, if you have forgotten how to fix any piece of equipment just don’t do it. Your safety and that of your property is the primary concern.

9. Organize your finances

Unfortunately, some home repairs are a costly affair. The right procedure to follow if you have a problem around the house would be first to inquire about it. Talk to your handyman and let them know the problem that you are having. Be sure to get a quote before the repair begins. Plumbing problems, for instance, may require an overhaul of the entire system. You don’t want the project to stall halfway. Therefore, it is important to have your finances ready before starting off on a project.

10. Choose the right handyman

A handyman is a well-rounded person who deals with commonly occurring home problems. It could also be a contracting company that deals with the usual home problems such as plumbing and electrical issues. Regardless of who you select to repair your home, the person must be competent enough. This way, the problem will not pop up again weeks later.

11. Plan ahead of time

Sure, fixing a roof is easy. But do you know that it is quite difficult to repair the roof during the rainy season? Well, for the particular case of the ceiling, it always gives away signs at the early stages. You will notice the changing color on your ceiling, and then slowly droplets start to stream down the wall. These are some signs which if you observe carefully, can have them fixed early enough. And this does not just apply to the roof. There are several other sections of the home that are better fixed during the dry season for the purpose of convenience.

On a closing note, these are just but a few of the home repair tips that you can use. The list is endless. However, the condition of your home relies on you. In fact, you can tell a lot about the owners of a house by how the home is maintained. How does your home look? Are you proud of it?

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