6 Ways To Fix Noisy Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans still continue enjoying popularity over air conditioning because of their classy look and are more effective compared. With more ceiling fans designs more people are attracted to install them in their premises. Singapore a great shipping center has increased demand of ceiling fans compared to installing air conditions. Older ceiling fans were noisy and couldn't run as required. Newer fans are designed to produce a smoother airflow and run more silently. A good fitting includes making sure the ceiling will operate smoothly. Over time some problems may arise and you may need the services of an expert. The most common problems leading to a noisy, ceiling fan can fall into these 6 categories.

 Ceiling Fan

Fix the squeaking and wobbling

With time your fan belts start loosening and the rotors exert different forces. This causes your fan to wobble while on the ceiling. This can be very dangerous and it may end up injuring any person walking near it. There are more reasons that may cause your fan to continue wobbling. It can be brought about by loose fixing. The contractor may have not properly fixed the fan on the ceiling. This causes it to swing dangerously on your ceiling. You can hire the services of an expert and have your fan fixed properly. Big corporations require thorough check ups done to all of their fans. An expert will fix all the malfunctioning components and prevent any harm arising from the fan. Apart from injuring someone nearby, it may chip your ceiling. Prevention is better than solving problems arising later.

Oiling the fan components

Fans normally run throughout the day and science depicts that friction will take its toll on the parts. Worn out belts, dynamos and gears can cause the fan to entirely stop working. Oiling should be done by an expert in order to avoid catastrophes. Using excessive oil can lead to spillage of the oil on your clients. Ceiling fans are mounted high up and this can cause them to spray anyone within your premise with the excessive oil. Getting a good handyman who is properly trained can save you from ending up with nasty consequences that may tarnish your name. Oiling your fan makes it last longer and reduce problems brought about by over heating.

Humming fan

Fans hum when in rotation. If fitted in a room where concentration is required they may cause discomfort to the occupants. Anti-hum devices can be fitted and reduce the noise ceiling fans generate. You will need an expert to handle this matter for you since it requires precision and training. If you opt to install the anti-huming device by yourself, you may be putting others in harms way. Short circuiting the board can cause electric malfunctions leading to fires or even shutting down the entire lighting system. Dealing with wires requires specialized care and precaution. Not all ceiling fans support the fitting anti-hum devices.
Fans made with cheaply made motors are most affected by humming because the manufacturers cut on the cost of production.

Ceiling Fan

Using the recommended fan size

If you consider replacing your noisy, ceiling fan you should get a fan recommended for your room size. Using a smaller fan may really cool the air in your room and you are just suffering in silence. The most common ceiling fan found is a size 52' for larger rooms and size 42' for smaller rooms. If you wish to change you can find any of these two fans. If your room is exceptionally large you can look for a huger size of fan. Don't jut endure the heat and noise get a proper fan.
Fans also greatly differ when it comes to the number of blades fitted. Four bladed fans are more likely to produce more noise compared to a three bladed fan. You can try getting rid of your noisier fan and try out a more silent fan.

Replace aged fans

Due to the aging factor old parts will be loose and its motor worn out. Your fan will be always noisy no matter what you try to do to it. Old fans should be replaced, although some still run smoothly they still require a lot of maintenance. Having a reliable fan is all what businesses in Singapore are looking. Nobody wants their fan breaking down when they are needed to work perfectly. Aged fans can also lead to fires in the vicinity. Look for an efficient working model and consider replacing your old fans. Old fans should be dumped with caution since they may contain components containing mercury.
Use professionals if you are looking to dispose and replace your old ceiling fans.

Replace worn out parts with recognized spare parts

Rushing to replace your spares using cheap parts may lead to a noisy fan. Using the recommended spares or parts from the best dealers guarantees you of a quite performing fan. If you hire a low budget contractor you are assured of a cheaply done job. Try to emphasize the use of high end fans spares from your contractor. This may end up costing up more, but it is a long lasting out solution. Great spare parts go a long way in keeping your fan operating property. Noisy ceiling fans can cause distress to anyone using the room. Businesses need to show their professionalism. Bad ceilings can lead to distress and a poor business image. Singapore has a great reputation of well established businesses and keeping your image high is all what you require. Noisy fans can cause distractions leading to lower productivity in the work area. If you want to replace your old fan, you can try asking your contractor for great running ceiling fan and research for the finest reviews about it. Fans help aerate the room, though they are lesser effective compared to air conditioning, ceiling fans make your place look more attractive. If you are wishing to maintain the vintage look using ceiling fans is the way to go. Once you suspect that your fan is making any uncomfortable noise you need to get it serviced. Having the fan operating smoothly will help maintain your image and keep the place cool.

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