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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing HDB Painters

Housing and Development Board is one of the authorities that manage most housing units in Singapore. They majorly deal with residential houses and if you happen to be one of those Singaporeans living in these units, one day you will be in an endeavor of searching for a HDB painter. Your home could not be looking awesome before your eyes and one of the easiest ways to change its outlook is through painting. The challenge which may become inevitable is finding a professional HDB painter who will do a wonderful job. There are many companies that offer such painting jobs hence you should not be in a worry of finding it difficult to get the best. That is not all because when they are many, you are bound to make some mistakes common when it comes to finding these painters. 

Well having that said, have a look on the following 7 mistakes all Singaporeans should avoid.


Using an Unlicensed HDB Painter

The good thing about Singapore is that they have a system that must find out whether a contractor can professionally do what he purports to or not. Using a painter who has not been licensed is a direct confirmation that you are using a rogue person who can’t meet your needs. To get top notch painting service therefore needs licensed contractors. Ask them for proof such as provision of a certified certificate of operation. If it happens that someone or an asset gets destroyed during the painting job and they were not licensed, you may end up incurring the cost under legal laws.

Being Convinced by Word of Mouth Alone

You can easily be convinced by a HDB painter contractor that they have handled many HDB units hence they have what it takes to carry on with your job. It may be true that they have done some painting jobs in Singapore but that can never be a proof that they are experts. You should keep in mind that anyone can boast about many things that he/she can do but when it comes to the actual job, you will be in for a rude shock. The best thing to do to get the best painter is to do your own research such as asking them to refer you to a HDB unit owner whose house was painted. Ask the homeowner about the quality of the job done and if it’s professional, you can choose to hire such a contractor. To avoid disappointment you can also read online reviews to find out the truth behind their services.

Not Asking for an Onsite Price Quotation

One of the common mistakes many people make is to provide the HDB painter with the dimension of their own homes. The painter will use these approximate values to come up with a price. This may not be a good approach because the painter will calculate based on that but when it comes to the actual job; the painter will slap you with additional cost depending on the nature of the job done. What will you do when you had not planned for such unexpected budget? The best thing is for the HDB painter to do an inspection of the HDB unit so as to come up with a factual estimate that may not be changed later on. The other good thing is that when an inspection is done, you will have room for negotiation of the price. 

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Ignoring the Painter’s Experience

Just like necessity is the mother of invention, experience is the key to professionalism. How can you hire a HDB contractor who has barely operated in Singapore for a year and shunning those who have been of service for many years? HDB painting is not an ordinary painting job because of the way these units have been designed. It will be ideal to hire a painter who has services these building units for quite a while than the one who want to put a trail. Quality painting service can only be a reality when you get those painters who know the in and out of these housing units. 

Lack of Painters Comparison

When you are shopping around, you will not just buy a product because it serves the same need. Looking for a painter is no different and that is why you need to compare several of them. Come up with a list of probable HDB painters then analyze each one of them to get the best. What is their quality of work, their pricing system, schedule and experience among others? The best painter is that who tops most of these factors. There comes a time when you realize that they are almost similar in these qualities. That should never be a stumbling block because the remaining option will be to choose the most experienced one since they didn’t all started during the same day. 

Failure to Inquire in Detail

Remember that you are paying for this service and it is upon them to answer you every question you pose on them. You should be afraid to ask any question even if it’s weird as long as it pertain the work to be done. You can easily know about the painter’s ability to do the work from the way they answer your questions. If they seem not to be straight then you should raise a red flag otherwise choose that HDB painter who is very good at clarification. If you are satisfied with their answers, then you are a few steps from getting the best HDB painter in Singapore. 

Failure to Inquire About Clean Up

You are certain that painting jobs are always very involving job and once it is done; your house will be left in a messy situation. There will be debris, dust and left paint tins among others which should be removed before you move in. If you don’t ask about who will remove them, you may end up hiring a painter who does not offer such service and will move when done leaving you with another stress. Choose a painting contractor who can either include that task in their package or can arrange before you move in. 


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