7 Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing A New Toilet Bowl


 1. Opting for DIY toilet bowl installations
Effecting a new toilet bowl installation, as most experienced homeowners would readily understand, can be necessary, at one point or the other in your home. As you most definitely are aware, toilets are noted for been areas that receive an increasingly frequent traffic. With the passage of time and the rigors of wear and tear, they can begin to fall into disrepair. What this really means is that toilet replacements are things that all responsible homeowners ought to think about seriously. Doing this can go a long way in preventing the health hazards, which can arise from having a malfunctioning toilet.

At the same time, it is also extremely critical that the replacement be carried out in a proper way. This will make sure that the functionality of the toilet is not in any way impaired. Toilet bowl replacements are known to be relatively expensive home improvement projects, when it comes the initial purchase and also the installation process. This usually prompts many individuals to settle for DIY replacement techniques to be in a position of been able to save more money. Which is all good, but if you do not really possess the skills to undertake such a task, it is highly recommended that you enlist the services of a professional plumber. This might cost you more money than you may have projected. But it will also enable the entire project to run smoothly, and ultimately, your new toilet will be installed in the best possible manner.


2. Failure to level the toilet bowl when you install it

Secondly, quite a large number of homeowners, and it is unfortunate to add, even some professional plumbers, sometimes do not pay any attention this given issue. Ideally, the toilet bowl should always be installed in such a way that it lays totally level with the wall it rests on. Failure to make sure that this is always the case, will normally trigger a wide variety of plumbing challenges, either immediately or in the nearby future. This state of affairs can eventually lead to your being obliged to make a premature replacement of a relatively new toilet. To efficiently navigate through this issue, always take the necessary time to ensure that the bowl sits snugly level with the wall, if you decide to use DIY replacement methods. On the other hand, should you have decided to obtain the services of a professional plumber, always endeavour to communicate this particular concern before he commences with the project.

3. Using the wrong toilet bowl rough in dimensions

For the most part, virtually all professional plumbers normally work with three main toilet bowl rough in dimensions, which are the 10”, 12” and 14”. The 12” variety happens to be, by far, the most frequently utilized in almost all toilet flange sizing. However, it is always wise to make sure you take the necessary time to fully determine the exact dimensions of your existing bowl’s rough in dimensions, prior to carrying out the replacement. Failing to accurately measure the exact dimensions of the hold down bolts of your existing toilet, most often than not, can lead to your replacement bowl been positioned in a wrong rough in dimensions. Very many plumbers tend to think that if a toilet’s trap way is in some way hidden, the bowl can then be adjusted to the ideal rough in dimension. This in some scenarios can work well, but in most circumstances it is not practical. To this end, always make it a point to accurately determine the right rough in dimensions you ought to work with, prior to executing the replacement project.

4. Settling for a totally wrong toilet bowl placement

Generally, in most cases than not, you will certainly want your toilet bowl to be positioned fully out of sight, when you and your loved ones are lounging in the living room, kitchen or even dining room. Should your toilet room’s space prove to be insufficient to conceal the bowl , you can opt to position it directly behind a hinge door to effectually hide it from view. Alternatively, if budget is not any issue for you, it can be excellent to install separate toilets in the various bedrooms of your home. Which will do away with the need to install a communal toilet room that is in close proximity with your home’s living areas.

Replace Toilet Bowl

5. Wrong installation that leads to toilet sounds been audible

The annoying gurgling sounds that emanate from the toilet bowl can be a major problem to you and your family if your toilet room is located adjacent to your home’s various living areas. To properly deal with this common interior design mistake, you can consider soundproofing the walls of the toilet room, before you execute the replacement project. Alternatively, if the exact flushing action of your toilet happens to be the main cause of this annoyance, you should always settle for a toilet bowl that comes with a low acoustic rating.

6. Toilet bowl size replacement errors

Another very common mistake most individuals tend to make when they are contemplating toilet bowl replacement is to settle an inappropriate bowl size when compared to the existing one. For instance, replacing a standard rim bowl with an elongated one can usually give rise to some issues. After executing the replacement, you may begin to notice that the door, which opens and shuts at right angles, will cease to function as required. To be able to avoid this problem, always take the necessary time to accurately measure the space in front and around the bowl. Doing this will allow you to prevent any possible obstruction to the toilet room’s door after carrying out the replacement project.

7. Failing to flush the toilet bowl after completing the replacement

Finally, most homeowners tend to make the simple mistake of forgetting to flush the newly installed toilet bowl immediately after finishing the replacement. This usually leads to debris that have accumulated in it to find its way into the home’s sewer pipes. If this is left unchecked for long, such debris can trigger clogging, and in the extreme, bursting of these pipes, particularly if they are aged. To avoid these problems , always ensure that you flush the toilet bowl severally to eliminate these debris.


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