7 Smart Tips On Drilling Holes In Wall

If you want to hang a picture frame on the wall, or if you want to hang a rack there, you need to do some drilling for that. But when you do the drilling, then many time, it give a lot of troubles to you. Also, sometime drilling holes may not be as good as you expect them to be. So, here I am sharing 7 smart tips on drilling holes in wall and I am sure with these tips you can simplify your life in much easier manner.


Know the surface:

To have right kind of drilling holes, it is important that you choose right drill for that. If you want to make drilling holes in concrete wall and you choose a drill that is good only for wood, then you would not be able to get any good result with it. Hence, it is advised that you check and evaluate the surface that you want to drill. If you are planning to drill on a wooden wall, then you can use any drill, but if you are trying to make holes in concrete, then you should choose your drill carefully. There are various tips available on the internet that can help you find what kind of drill would be good for your concrete flooring.

Check supply lines:

When you choose any location for drilling holes, make sure you know what is inside the wall. Many time people accidentally drill into the electrical conduit pipe and sometime they just make a hole into water pipes. Although these is one of the most basic thing and you don’t need to rely on tips for same, but many people make this mistake and pay heavily. To avoid this issue and to have only the best result you should not make this mistake in any condition. You should simply cross check that there are no pipe lines or supply lines in the wall. With this simple suggestion you can actually make better drilling holes and you can get good results too.

Drilling Holes

Make it steady:

Drilling holes is not an easy thing and when you operate the drill, then it vibrates a lot. Because of this vibration, you may end up having a deviation in the drilling holes angle and you can have a hole that is not straight. If you won’t have a straight hole, then it will not do anything good either in that situation. So, when you make drill then it is advised that you keep it as steady as possible. You just need to force it toward the wall in a straight angle and it will do rest of the things by it. Although it is easy to say but difficult to do for those people that never did any kind of drilling before. So, when you do the drilling holes in wall, make sure you are familiar with the drill.

Do some practice:

As I said, drilling holes is not an easy thing and you not only need special tips, but you need some practice as well. In order to have the best result, it is advised that you take few bricks and you make some drilling holes on that. This would help you learn how to drill in a wall in proper manner and you can also try the tips that you learn for same. This would be a very easy and highly effective method for same and you can get good outcome also. Here, you must understand that there is no alternative for practice and if you would have right kind of practice for same, then you would get nothing but the best result. If you have some plastered wall where you can do the drilling practice then you should try that option also for much better and effective result.

Drilling Holes

Use paper for dust collection:

When you do drilling, then you always get a lot of concrete and dust from the place. If you have carpet in your home then this dust can make your carpet dirty and unusable. At the time of drilling you can simply take a sticky pad and you can make an L with it. After that you can paste the pad on the wall just below the drilling holes. It will collect most of the dust and dirt and later you can throw the dust into the bin. Other than this, you can also place a paper or plastic sheet on the ground. That plastic sheet or paper will also collect a lot of dust and dirt and your carpet will not get dirty in any condition. Such tips may sound very simple, but it can actually give great results to you. So, if you get any other tips similar to this one, make sure you follow that as guided.

Drill with screw:

There are different types of screws available in the market and you can choose one as per your choice. But if you want to reduce your trouble and you want to get the best result in drilling holes, then you should use concrete screws with your drill. With these screws you can actually make a hole and you can screw it as well. This will not only reduce your efforts, but it will give you better strength also. It will not require any kind of measurement for you because you will have a drill hole as per requirement. If you will try to drill and screw in separate ways, then you will have to make drilling holes slightly deeper else you will end up having complications in it.

And if you are not using drilling screws, then make sure you make drilling holes deep enough to hold your entire screw. This will make sure you don’t need to apply any force on the screw and you will be able to get really good result too. In addition to this, it is also very important that you take proper safety measures such as safety glasses and ear plugs to avoid any injury. Sometime drilling holes in wall can lead you to some injuries as well, so stay protected with it.

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