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7 Ways To Unclog A Toilet

Getting your toilet clogged is one of the most common problems that everyone has faced once. If it happens at the most unfortunate moment then it is quite a disgusting thing. You will of course want to get rid of this situation. Calling a professional can be quite time taking if you want it for emergency purpose. Here are some of the ways that you can try to get rid of this situation and unclog it as soon as possible. Otherwise the situation might get out of hand and your bathroom will get filled with water all over.

Unclog Toilet

Here are the 7 proven and most effective ways to get rid of the clog:

1. Use A Plunger

After flushing once if you see that the water is not flushed out properly, then do not flush again. This will cause more water to get deposited into the toilet bowl causing overflow of water. This will make things even messier. Prepare the bathroom by placing paper towels or newspapers on the floor. Even if the water splashes out from the bowl it will not be difficult for you to clean. Take a high quality plunger with heavy-duty rubber that will help you to get the clog out. When you are using the plunger make sure it is covering the entire hole. Push down and pull up sharply to create the suction and you have to do it for 15 to 20 times unless it unclogs. Always wear rubber gloves covering till elbow before doing this.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Take a gallon of hot water and the water should not be hotter than that of a tea. You should be able to drink it and not boiling as boiling water can damage the porcelain. After boiling let the water cool for some time and till then pour the ingredients into the toilet. Pour only 1 cup of baking powder and 2 cups of vinegar. This will create a fizzy reaction.
Then after some time pour the hot water. Do not pour it from near the rim instead pour it from a height. The water force will help you to get rid of the clog. Remember that this method only works for the organic clogs. Let this mixture stay overnight and in the morning it will be back to normal.

3. Wire Coat Hanger

This is one of the best ways to unclog hard materials. First, unravel the wire coat hanger and then straighten it. This method works great for the clogs which are just a few inches away from the drain. At the end of the wire wrap a piece of cloth and use a duct tape to tie it. This will ensure that the sharp end of hanger doesn’t damage the porcelain of your toilet. Insert it through the drain and when you will feel the clog push it against till it gets cleared from the drain. Then flush it out with the help of water.

Unclog Toilet

4. Plumbing Snake

This is also known as flexible cleaning tool as it has a flexible coil of wire also known as snake. It easily passes through the curved drains without much effort. It helps to unclog the drain very easily without even damaging or staining the porcelain. That is why for any clog in your toilet you can use this pipe. This will definitely make sure you are getting rid of any kinds of clog in the toilets without any hassle. This is used by professional cleaners and plumbers too. you have to insert one end of the snake into the drain and push it down which will help the snake to reach up to the obstruction. Using it is very much easy and thus many people prefer to use this.

5. Wet or Dry Vacuum

If you have already used snake and plunger to clean the clog but failed then you can use a wet or dry vacuum. It is different from ordinary vacuum cleaner as this can cope with water unlike ordinary ones. You have to empty the water out from the toilet bowl. It must be empty without any kind of debris or water so that you can easily vacuum out the obstruction. You can use the flexible hose only and not any attachments are required. Use an old towel to coil it around the hole. This will create a seal around the drain. Now with one of your hands put pressure on the towel to make the seal tighter and better. Then wait for a minute for the vacuum to start working and it will suck out the clog from there.

6. Enzyme Product

There are many enzyme products available in the market. You need to choose one of the best products that will help you liquefy the waste materials and thus help you to unclog. It is a quite proven and preferable method as this is not meant to harm the drain or pipe. But this product works mainly on the organic wastes only but not on hard objects like toys and other things. The recommended amount is always mentioned on the bottle label. Follow those instructions and use that much only. This will help you drain out the clog and clear the pipe. Make sure to drain once after the clog is cleared.

7. Chemical Drain Cleaners

These cleaners are used quite powerful and you can get this at most of the grocery stores near your house. The chemicals present in these drain cleaners are quite corrosive to the pipes and can damage the surroundings. Even these are poisonous to the pets and people. That is why it is always recommended to use to it as the last option if only the previous 6 methods do not work at all. These chemicals are available specifically for toilets. Buy those only which are meant for that as other cleaners can damage the porcelain. First of all, read the instructions properly about how to use it and then use it accordingly. You have to make sure that you flush out the drain with water after using it.

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