7 Worst Mistakes People Make In Lighting Installation

Often, interior designers are contacted to give input as regard lighting in residential areas. In trying to deal with the lighting dilemma, most fixtures are specified in kitchens, living areas and baths which waste energy, making it very difficult to get the light where it is most needed. Often, these ineffective specifications are common as homeowners are not sure of lighting solutions as well as tricks of the trade. However, knowing what you are not supposed to do can sometimes greatly help you do the job like a professional.

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Below are 7 worst mistakes people make in lightning installation and which when avoided can result to better results:

1. Installing recessed down-lights in all places

This is one of the worst mistakes that people make in lighting installation. Designer spec types of can lights may be very cheap and people often thinks that placing them in a systematic grid can get light in all places. Regrettably, this is not the case. Often, the optics of cheap can lights allows about half of the lumen output produced by the lamp to escape.

Moreover, can lights typically fail to produce enough light on vertical surfaces whereas our eyes perceive light from this angle, unless they are wall wash or adjustable fixtures. With a range of cans, we can waste almost half watts and yet have a space which feels like a cavern as the walls are dark. You should choose the right type of lighting fixture to use depending on the type of wattage you expect to get from the lighting and the closeness of adjacent surfaces. However, it is important to note that recessed lighting which have high wattage and are near walls or ceilings should be insulated to prevent blackening of the adjacent surfaces that occurs because of the heat created by the high-voltage bulbs.

2. Failing to install task lights in the kitchen

The best way to light the counter is to use xenon, fluorescent or else LED task lights beneath the upper cabinets. This should not worry you if your kitchen style does not have upper cabinets above some work surfaces as using wall-mounted or else ceiling recessed modifiable fixtures with the correct lamp can make a great difference. Adding numerous low power halogens fixtures using a thin flood beam distribution then directing them on the task area can do the trick. You should wisely choose your LED or fluorescent color temperature.

3. Using down-lights above the vanity while not adding side lights

Standing directly below a down-light without some light at the face’s side creates exaggerated as well as unflattering shadows. Using a down light above the sink in the bathroom can accent the costly polished nickel tap you have specified, however, it’s not enough for tasks such as tweezing, shaving and applying makeup. Hence, you need light at the mirror’s side so as to reduce shadows and offer even distribution. You can attain this with sconces next to the mirror.

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4. Using shining or halogen sources while not dimming

People are finding for means to retrofit lighting using more capable, durable light sources compared to incandescent; however, incandescent it still a worthwhile and crucial part of lighting in residential area as long as you can dim it. Energy and heat output can be considerably decreased through dimming, lengthening the lamp life. Using wall washers plus overhead lighting that you can dim may create a humor while lighting a corridor. You can create the right effect in the bathroom by using mirror sconces in addition to overhead cans on a dimmer.

5. Failing to include ambient, accent and task lighting

A well-designed space should include several types of light. You need to use ambient light to give general lighting for identifying objects, walking around and conversing. To highlight architectural or artwork features like ceramic collection your customer will display in open tables in the kitchen or attractive glass tile you have used in the bathroom, you need to use accent lightning. But for tasks like shaving, reading or chopping vegetables, you should use task lighting as it gives higher and more concentrated lighting. Using all these three types of lights can give better functionality, interest as well as possibility that you will experience sufficient lighting.

6. Failing to separately control several types of light

You should control every type of light separately if you want to achieve efficiency and flexibility. Moreover, any halogen or incandescent light should be dimmed. There are many complex methods which can be used to control several sources of light but the best one is the traditional method of numerous light switches. From less sophisticated programmed wall box structure for single room switch with preset parts, to wireless controls which creates their own energy and may be reprogrammed from phone or laptop, controlling the lighting saves energy when combined with the correct amount as well as type of light for several uses and times. By controlling the various types of lights separately you can illuminate your beautiful kitchen for different functions and moods.

7. Placing recessed down-lights for ambient light in a high ceiling

When you place recessed down-lights in a high ceiling the result will be a very dark room and hence wastage of light. Light coming from a high ceiling must have a focused and fitted beam spread with adequate center bean candle energy like that from high wattage halogen source or ceramic metal halide. The other best alternative is to use pendant or wall-mounted sources to redirect light from a light. Often, matte ceiling surface offers much better illumination compared to punching many holes for recessed down-lights. Often, the lamp in recessed lighting provides a higher wattage to make sure the light is bright. But in case the wattage is extremely high, it is more likely that the bulb will make the outer trim of the house to melt away. Hence, installing recessed lighting needs basic electrical knowledge, especially the skill to evaluate the suitability of several recessed lighting constituents. Ignoring this evaluation is perhaps the worst mistake one can make when it comes to lighting installation.

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