Can I Paint My Singapore Condominium On Sunday?

When you want to paint your condominium, normally you would want to do it when you have ample time. This may be on Sunday when you may have some hours to spare or on a public holiday. Painting your condominium on Sunday is possible in Singapore. In fact, if you outsource from a reputable company, you will get the job done fast, professionally and end up saving on costs. Condo painting should be done by a professional who understands the different paints in the market and what is required to ensure that it retains its beauty and the effect lasts for long. How do you ensure that you get the right person to do the work for you on Sunday?


Hire from a Reputable Company

Many people in Singapore have busy schedules and only have a few hours to spare every week. You should be assured that you can actually get the condo painted on Sunday. This is only possible if you hire from a reputable company. This is a company that takes its clients seriously and would not want to let them down by offering low quality services or not keep appointments.

Do Your Research First

You should not hire the first person who agrees to paint the condo on Sunday based on their word of mouth alone. Go further and ask for their level of experience, how long they have been painting condominiums and the number of clients they have worked for. Where possible, talk to the former clients and learn what their experience was. Would they recommend their services? Where applicable, check online reviews. This may be the most convenient way of finding out whether a company is dependable.
Once you have a few companies that can do condo painting on Sunday in Singapore, here are things you should check to ensure that they do a professional and neat job. There is more to painting than meets the eye therefore, do not rush. This will ensure you end up satisfied with the overall job. Things to check for include

The level of experience

Not every painter qualifies to paint a condo. You should go for those who specialize in condos and luxurious homes. These may understand the need to maintain quality, uniqueness and professional dealings. Having the necessary skills to qualify him as a painter is not enough. Years of experience tune him to become a professional who can handle any condo painting challenge he encounters. Mixing paints to get the required uniqueness also requires an expert with many years experience. Experience teaches a painter that an ordinary brush may not get the job done effectively. He keeps up with the emerging trends in the market and is well conversant with all paint brands, qualities and colors. He understands what it would take to offer you exactly what you are looking for. The painter should be able to understand and learn what you want just by spending a few minutes with you.

Painting condo

The licenses and Permits

It is advisable that you work with companies or painters who are legally allowed to do so. These tend to take their work more seriously. You can request to have copies of the licenses and permits to check whether they are up to date. Note that in case of disagreements or poor service delivery, it will be easier to sue a licensed company than one that is not. One that is not licensed can decide to close its doors and go underground. It would be very hard to find its whereabouts. As you check for licenses, it is important to check whether the technicians working in your property are insured. This ensures that you do not take care of expenses in case of accidents or injuries being sustained. The company should also have an insurance policy that can take care of damage to your property because of negligence or accidents caused by its workers.

Always Have Agreements on Paper

When sourcing out for a condo painting service to be carried out on Sunday, it is important that everything that you agree upon is replicated on paper. This ensures that you have something to go back to when there is a misunderstanding or promises are broken. Things to agree upon should be the duration the job should take, the rates, equipment and paints to be used. This should include the amount of paint, quality and colors. Contracts can also help you in case of legal disputes arising.

Understand What You are Paying for

You may decide to buy the required paints or have the company provide. Costs will vary depending on what is required and the amount of work involved. Some companies may charge you more or less but promise to offer the same service. It is important that you find out why there is a price discrepancy. Well established companies may be more expensive but their services may be much better than those of a small company that is trying to gain popularity. You should come up with a budget after analyzing what the whole project entails. Your choice for an ideal painter should not be based on the cheapest offer you get. If you do this, you may end up compromising on the quality of services delivered.

Ensure Quality Paints are Used

It may not be easy to tell from a glance whether the paint to be used meets quality standards until after it is on the wall. To ensure quality products are used, it is important that you work with a reputable company. It is not just about getting the job done on Sunday but ensuring that it is done according to specifications and the right products are used. When you get quality condo painting services in Singapore, you will enjoy the process. Being a Sunday, you can join in with your family and participate in transforming your condominium to what you have always wanted. Most professional painters are easy to work with, friendly, helpful and understanding. They will leave you satisfied with the results and happy with the choices you made.

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