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Being a handyman in Singapore is a competitive business. Years ago, handymen would just be able to do a little here and there. But today, being a handyman involves a lot more. From being able to install bath screens to changing locks and unblocking toilets, handymen are totally adept in everything. Being cross competent like most of these handymen, it is hard to choose from among some of the very best in Singapore. There are a few ways to distinguish between ones that you want to have an ongoing professional relationship with and the ones that you may just call in an emergency if your regular guy is not around.

Handyman Services

Choosing Handyman services in Singapore


The typical handyman in Singapore is going to charge you by the hour. Off course some will charge you for the trip out there, while some won't. If it is a small job, they may just charge you a onetime fee. This pricing mechanism is something you want to have a conversation about when you first call them over. In most cases, people just call a guy over, and he fixes some stuff then gives you a bill. That is fine too. But that is not what you want to do here. You are trying to create a relationship so that you have one reliable person who will come to you when needed and is predictable.


This issue cannot be overstressed when it comes to a handyman in Singapore. The person you choose must have independent insurance. This is important because if he is injured in your home, it is very likely, you would be liable. Not only you have damage, but you also have to pay for his welfare. So it's better to save all this trouble and make sure the company or person is fully insured. If this is so, it is preferable that when he damages something, he will be able to get his insurance to pay for the damage.

Communication gap

The Company should provide its clients with a communication channel. Apart from that, they should communicate back to their clients on time. Look through their website to see if they respond to customer complaints, a company that promptly respond to customers’ complaints and concerns should be considered.


Ask your friends and relatives about any handyman services they have worked with. If you want to get honest answers, these are the people who can give you that. They will honestly tell you about a service they have used and got satisfied or dissatisfied.

Range of services

Handyman companies offer a variety of services, some major in electrical and plumbing services while some major in carpentry, roofing or painting. While you can call on them for every job, you should also look at their annual maintenance options. This can help you in keeping your costs down and to catch issues in time before they become worse.

Handyman Services


You can as well choose to visit the website of your preferred company before hiring them. This should help you establish how they perform, and you will be able to see reviews and ratings of previous clients and decide whether you can hire them or not.

Get a list of things your prospective handyman is adept at doing. His list should be pretty comprehensive but most of all it should include the ability to fix dripping taps - so minor plumbing work is included in this, hanging curtains rails and fixing ones that are already hung; hanging pictures and possibly to be able to do drywall work, would be a good addition. Also, installing various appliances, like dishwashers, washers, driers, and fridges that need plumbing. Included in the plumbing work should be the ability to unclog sinks. This list should be pretty sufficient for the typical home. This is the entry point if the handyman can do more, even better.

At the end of the day, if everyone you interview has all the credentials you need, then it comes down to chemistry and if you and the handyman can hit it off. If the rates are good, but the two of you are like oil and water, no amount of discount is going to make up for the irritation.

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