Is Handyman Services Expensive In Singapore?

Looking for handyman services in Singapore? The good news is that SG is home to some of the best handyman services that can help you fix and upgrade your home to make it look and feel like new again.
When choosing a handyman, however, you will have to take into account several factors to ensure that you are getting the best price for the job. Although many of these services are reasonably priced, there is no harm in browsing through different offers before making your choice.


Handyman Services Included

A handyman is someone capable of solving minor and average-sized issues in the home that require technical skill on the part of the person fixing the issue. Sure, it is perfectly possible for you to solve the problem yourself, but in many instances, this can actually cause more issues than solve the situation. With a handyman, however, you will be engaging the services of someone who has extensive knowledge about household issues and how to fix them quickly with precision.

Handyman services often include but are not limited to the following:

• Painting services
• Plumbing issues
• Carpentry
• Floors, windows, doors, and roofing problems
• Electrical problems
The service often includes the repair or replacement of parts that might be faulty in your house.

Why Opt for Handyman Services?

Experience is just one of the reasons why hiring a handyman would be the best option for Singapore homeowners. Here are some other factors you can look forward to:

• Own Equipment –

handymen often bring their own tools with them, which means that you don't have to worry about providing them with items for fixing purposes. Considering how most tools are expensive – and few homeowners would actually used them anyway – this particular benefit is largely appealing for homeowners.

• Timely Fix –

most issues requiring a handyman won't take long to fix. A few hours of your day is sufficient after which, you will be able to continue with the rest of your activities in the house.


• Extensive Knowledge –

it doesn't matter whether you are having water problems, electrical issues, or the like – a good handyman in Singapore would be armed with the necessary knowledge to make the fix possible.

• Backed by License –

electricians and plumbers are often required to have a license before operating in Singapore. This makes sense considering how these two factors concern two of the most important elements in the home. With a licensed electrician or plumber taking care of your house issues, you’d be sure of quality work every time.

• Insurance Covered –

here's another plus should you obtain the services of a professional handyman. Covered by sufficient insurance, you can be sure that even if problems come up, you’ll be able to recover any damages from the insurance provider.

• Quick Response –

handyman services often employ multiple handymen that are constantly on call every day of the week. This makes it possible for homeowners such as yourself to place a call and have someone by your house at any time of the day to solve the problem. With this kind of quality response, any home issues wouldn't put a dent into the day to day routine you happen to enjoy.

• Access to Parts –

in many cases, specific parts have to be replaced to fully get appliances functioning again. Handymen often have access to these kinds of parts along with the technical expertise to know exactly what type should be purchased to fit specifications perfectly.

• Extensive Explanations –

another plus of professional services is the fact that they will be willing to explain to you exactly what the problem could be. With a professional checking the issues, you will have someone to talk to regarding the problem and the possible causes that lead to it. More importantly, you will be given sound advice on how to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

Handyman Services

• Stop Small Problems Now –

many homeowners put off fixing small problems in the house until the small problem becomes a big one. For example, allowing leaky plumbing to continue for months can lead to an expensive water bill in the future. By hiring handymen for small issues, you will be able to avoid big problems in the future and keep your functioning perfectly. Of course, those are just some of the advantages connected with hiring handyman services in Singapore. Keep in mind that not all handymen companies are capable of offering these benefits. For the most part, you will have to compare different providers before making your choice.

Cost of Handyman Repairs

Singapore is perpetually sunny with very few disturbances in weather. This is actually a good thing because as a homeowner, this gives you the chance to hire a handyman at anytime of the year. Those who live in four-season countries often pay large amounts of money for handyman services during the rainy or snow season – something you can easily avoid in Singapore.

That being the case, the cost of handyman services is far from expensive. In fact, they are pretty much consistent the whole year, allowing homeowners to seek their services at any point in time. The only deciding factor is the experience of the handyman service. It stands to reason that those who are better in the industry would ask for higher fees.

Other considerations that are factored in when calculating handyman service fees include the extent of the job, the amount of time needed to solve the problem, the difficulty, and even the time and place of the call.

Reading Testimonials Before Choosing

Thanks to the internet, you are now given the option to browse through different Singapore handyman services before calling anyone for repairs. When performing your search, it is best to check out what kind of testimonial that company enjoys from its clients. Opt for companies that have excellent feedback and hold a good reputation in the area.


When it comes right down to it, spending a few dollars into handymen services will help you avoid expenditure that can rack up to thousands in the future. Homeowners are advised not just to call a handyman when problems become evident but rather, opt for a routine check that will give them the heads-up when it comes to BIG problems in the home. With routine checks, you will actually be able to save more in the long run.

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