How To Change A LED Ceiling Light

A bright, cool and calm working atmosphere is an important aspect of every home. It is quite funny that lighting is one of the most under-appreciated facilities in a home. You need to light up your kitchen, bathroom, living room and even garage. With a wide range of bulbs to choose from, you have to settle on what suits best. A common proven way of doing this is by going for LED (light emitting diode) ceiling lights.

How To Change A LED Ceiling Light

LED ceiling lights are liked for not only their long lasting capabilities, but also their energy saving aspects. Manufactured and made available for commercial use by Thomas Edison, these lights have a burning life of 60,000 hours! Precisely, they can last for 10 years if burning for 10 hours each day! On top of this, they are dimmable and attractive. Accidents do happen. With kids running and throwing things here and there, you are most likely going to lose one or two in different sections of the house. That’s if you haven’t lost already. This why you always advised to have some spare one in your store. If you are in such a situation, then helps you on how to change a LED ceiling light.

Ensure the voltage match

LEDs are availed in the market by different companies. Though most can be suitable for your home, it is good to check and ascertain the description on the package match. Basically, this should be done before going to buy a new one. You can even talk to a relative or a nearby electrician for more help on the most suitable one. You are advised to check for UV information. This is to ensure that you get exactly what was installed. All this can be easier if you kept some spares in your store though.

Ensure you tools

This ranges from gloves, screws and even goggles. Experienced people may not need this for such a simple task, but amateurs do. They are just there in case you need them. Gloves are necessary especially for insulation. It will also be important to have a small ladder. Customize these tools if you don’t have them. You can use a table chair or table for a ladder and a cotton cloth for gloves.

Switch of the power to the work area

A simple touch on a bare wire a bare wire and you will be down writhing in pain. Shock is one of the common accidents when dealing with lighting and electronic facilities. Locate the power switch to the working area and switch off. You can prove this by switching on the lights to see if they are off. If all are off, then you are good to go.

Remove the current lighting fixture

You will have to be steady and efficient to avoid cutting wires and or bringing the whole thing down. This does not mean that you have to be an expert. Just try to cap the wires first carefully as you do it. Locate the reflectors on the back of the LED and carefully remove them. Most tube lights have ballast, you will thus need to pen the fixture cover and remove it. Finely, cut the wires and leave enough for the connecting to the wire nuts. This may not be quite easy, but with some calmness and accuracy, you will manage.

A LED Ceiling Light

Installing the new one

Take your spare LED ceiling light to be fixed. Locate the wire nuts on the back of the LED. This is the point where you will have to connect wires in. just you removed the older fixture, connect the wires in the wire nuts of the replacement. A screw will help you do this with great efficiency. Ensure that you screw tight both wire nuts while connecting to avoid drawbacks in the process. Holding the whole body while doing this may be quite tiresome. It is thus important to loosely strap it to the ceiling while connecting wires. You don’t want to drop it down and break when in the process. Comfortably reconnect all the wires to complete the circuit. After this, you can then replace the reflector and the fixture as they were. To hold it tightly in the whole, LEDs come with springs which can be pulled to push them into the whole for a firmer grip.

Turn on the power to the work area

This should not be difficult. If you had ensured that there are no bare wires touching each other in the connection, then no worries about an explosion. You can then go back and turn on the switch to see if you have done an excellent work. A click and all will be brighter, but at a lower cost. If it doesn’t light up, then it means you got the basic connection wrong. The good thing with LED ceiling lights is that they have few wires thus simpler connection.


Many people make mistakes with this simple DIY procedure. Some of the mistakes may lead to an electrocution while other may leave you devastated and withdrawn. Most commonly don’t leave any bare wires after the changing. It may work, but with time, losses connection may touch each other and the results are unimaginable. You don’t want to be on the news for having caused a fire that burned the whole neighbourhood! Furthermore, ensure the main switch is off before embarking on the process. Basic rules such as dry your hands first, gloves your hands for insulation and remain stable when doing the job should be observed.


LED lights are the new dominating thing in the lighting industry. They boast of so many aspects that every house should yearn for. Ranging from easy installation to energy saving features, these lights have really transformed the homes into attractive nests. Furthermore, you don’t have to see an electrician whenever you want to change an LED ceiling light. It is costly when the process is as simple as chew and swallow for you. This article has outlined to you a simple way of doing it fast and expertly! Hope it was helpful. The above is an insight with this respect.

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