How To Choose The Right Painting Services

As your home ages it certainly needs to be repaired and renovated. There are many things that need to be done and giving it a fresh coat of paint is extremely important and indispensable. There are many homeowners who could take the job upon themselves and get the painting done during weekends or other such free time. But in most cases, the homeowners prefer to get the work done with the help of professionals.

Painting Services

Hence, if you are on the lookout for a suitable professional for doing a good job of the entire painting requirements for your homes and even other fixtures and fittings, then this article could be interesting. We will have a look at the various important points that one should bear in mind when it comes to choosing the right professionals for painting your home, office and even other movable and immovable furniture and fixtures. With so many choices being available, there is bound to be quite a bit of confusion and indecision unless you know how to go about the entire task of researching and then choosing a suitable professional who knows painting services better than others.

Choose Somebody With Experience

If you have read Malcolm Gladwell’s books, you certainly would understand the importance of experience and expertise. It is quite obvious that when you work on something for more number of days, weeks, months and years, you develop and hone the respective skills better. You also will most certainly have improved levels of knowledge and you will also be able to come out with the list of mistakes you should not be making. The same thing applies to painting professionals.

You must, therefore, always be sure that the professionals who you are planning to choose have the required experience and expertise in this filed. Painting jobs are not small assignments but are big projects and in many cases you could be spending a few thousand dollars on the entire job. You would not prefer to handover the job to a rookie. Therefore, as a general rule you must look for specialized professionals who have at least 10 to 15 years of hard-core experience in handling various types of painting jobs. This will ensure that the professionals would also have gathered enough expertise in handling difficult and complex painting jobs.

Insurance And Legal Licenses

You can be sure that you are not hiring the right professional, if he or the firm concerned does not have valid licenses. The licenses should be in line with the local law enforcing authorities and also should take into account the safety and well being of the workers who do the job on behalf of the firm. They should be adequately covered under the Workmen’s Compensation Act. This will take us to the matter of insurance. In other words the firm should have a comprehensive, adequate and live insurance policy covering the workers, the customers and also third parties. This is vital because in case something untoward happens during the painting job, the customers should stay protected and indemnified from any financial loss or even injuries and even loss of life of the workers, third parties. This is one of the important vital points that should be kept in mind while hiring professional painters for different types of domestic and commercial works.

Painting Services

Are They Thorough With The Prep Work

Good painting professionals always pay equal attention to the prep work and also the actual painting job. Here are a few things that could fall under the ambit of prep works.

Prep works makes the walls and other surfaces for the new coat of painting and therefore it must be given the importance that it deserves. There are quite a bit of preparatory work that needs to be done carefully. It includes stripping, sanding, cleaning, taping, priming and much more. This has to be a thorough and careful job and there cannot be any laxity or half-baked approach to it. The walls of the home, office or other constructions could be damp and moisture could have seeped into it. This has to be taken care of the water seepage and moisture has to be totally dried before the painting job is carried out.

Knowledge Matters

You should always hire a painter who knows his job well. There is no point trying out with new entrants just because they could be charging a bit less as far as their charges are concerned. You would, as a customer, end up wasting money on paints and other materials and would also have to pay the painting professional for a job not so-well-done. Therefore, it is important for you to always hire painters who are not only licensed and experienced but also full informed and knowledgeable as far as the different aspects of paintings are concerned.

Bargain As Best As You Can

Yes, painting a home is certainly not an inexpensive affair. If you have to paint the entire home, it could run into a few thousand square feet and therefore it could be a big outgo as far as your hard earned money is concerned. You must therefore spend time and look up at least ten to twelve painting professionals. This will help you to have a clear idea about the painting charges, cost of pain, enamels and other ingredients. Once you have a ballpark figure available with you, you must negotiate with the shortlisted painting professionals. You must try and extract the best price.

Painting Services

However, in this process you must be sure that you are not compromising on the quality of the work as well as the material that are being used for the painting job. You must know how to strike the right balance between quality of work and the price you pay for it. This again comes with experience and you must therefore not hire somebody in a hurry. You must research and go through the due diligence process and then decide as to where the balance between quality and price lies.

Adhering To Timelines

Once you have decided to hire a painting professional for the job, you must ensure that he or the firm offers a written quote (without any strings attached). The quote, amongst other things, should clearly mention the time that will be required for completing the entire painting job. This is very important because many painting service providers drag on with the job. This is because they start the work for you and then pull out workers and keep them busy in some other project.


In fine, it is quite obvious that painting your home is a big job and it should be taken up seriously and in right earnest. It does call for quite a bit of research and information gathering and this must be given the importance that it deserves.

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