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Many of us rely on the service of a handyman to repair almost everything at home. We call these guys because we want every home repair done quickly and correctly. Although there are many things that, as you know, need to be done at home, the list is often updated. Even if you take care of some of your projects, there are no guarantees that they will develop as you wish. Solve this problem by simply contacting a good service handyman to complete a series of tasks. here are some of the services offered by handyman



If you ever have to chop down your house and you don’t have time for it, no one can do it better than home improvement services. You not only feel the painting for the first time but also take good care of the walls. Unlike us, who like to paint old paint, the handyman knows whether you need to clean the walls first and what paint will do the job perfectly. There are many things you can probably do on your own, but you will save time if you have to do it. Painting is one of these tasks. When it comes to your home, beauty is often in the details. Although you are not the owner of the most expensive real estate, you can do what you excel. Fresh paint is an easy way to change the look of any room. But if he isn’t neat and doesn’t drip onto the carpet, on crowns and other places, he loses his effectiveness. If you communicate with a professional, you can achieve the desired results without much confusion.

Laying tiles

Tile can really stand out at home, and now there are many options for any budget. In addition, many home improvement facilities offer tile installation, which makes it a great weekend for the right person. However, if this work is not by nature, it may be a good idea to use the services of a master to solve this problem. This way you can be sure that the work will be done quickly and accurately.

Water supply installation

All professionals can also perform hydraulic repairs. Although their capabilities are not comparable to plumbing capabilities, they can at least carry out basic repairs and installation in the kitchen and bathroom. However, since there are special contractors doing hydraulic work, it may be a good idea to contact the main contractor, especially if the work is too big, for example. B. incomplete reconstruction of the bathroom.

Attachment of buttons

When moving to a new home, many builders charge extra for installing buttons in the cabinets. Although the cabinets will look beautiful, some attractive buttons emphasize the beauty of the wood even more. However, this task must be performed correctly, otherwise, you will have buttons that are not centered, which is not attractive. Services handyman can come to your home, install and run the buttons.

Fixing squeaky floorboards

There is nothing more annoying than walking on a certain part of the floor and hearing a loud, annoying squeak. No matter how you try to avoid it, you never miss the noise. To solve this problem, simply call Craftsman and ask him to evaluate the problem and replace the board to regain sanity.


Hang pictures

They may have the most beautiful family portrait, but if it is badly hung, people will notice this problem before they realize how good they look in the photo. Many people do not think that hanging photos is a big deal, but if the portrait is large or you have photos that you want to hang, everything can be difficult. Practical handyman has special tools that will help you find out if the picture is hanging not only from the fixed part of the wall but also if it is aligned.


Whether you want to change a light bulb or your house, the master can do electrical work and repairs for you. While some electrical work requires a certified or licensed electrician, every handyman can do the job well. There are other hardware stores, but these three are the most basic or universal services. The next time something breaks in your home, name the gold pen and leave the job to an expert.


It is important that each service considers all aspects of the work. Hiring a handyman service requires some work in advance, but since you still need to work around the house, it's worth it. After you find someone who is reliable and does work that will satisfy you for a reasonable price, everything is ready. To get there, you need some research and time, but the work will be worthwhile.

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I was recommended by my friend to try out Handyman Singapore. We gave them a call, whataspp them 2 different types of light bulbs and a LED light in our bathroom. They came with similar design and get our problem fixed. They also helped us drilled some holes to hang our pictures. friendly, reliable and efficient.
Mrs Wong (Telok Kurau)
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