How To Choose The Right Painting Services

It is common to find houses that need a retouch to give them a nice fresh look. There are so many ways to give a house a fresh look. The best and probably cheapest way to do this is to paint your house. Painting is a task that needs someone specialized if good results are to be achieved. You have to exercise wisdom when choosing a painter for your house to get a nice touch. Choosing the right painter can be a hard task but given the right information, one can find it easy to hire a good painter. The following tips are meant to help you when choosing the right painting services:

If you are looking to hire a professional, you ought to check their credentials and licenses. Contractors are only licensed after they are assessed and found to have the capability to perform the task at hand. Credentials include insurance and bonding. These are meant to cover the workers in case of injury or liability. It is strongly advised that before you hire a painter you make sure that they are proper licensed and insured.

Every professional ought to have undertaken a similar task in the past. Ask the applicant for references that you can check out. You should then call the references given to authenticate their credibility. It is also best that you visit the sites quoted as references and check out the work yourself. This helps to credit or discredit the painter thus you choose the right painter. 

Bidding simply helps you to choose the right painter from a couple of applicants. When bidding look out for who looks professional. Look at how the painters carry themselves and how they approach the work in terms of organization, prepping and delivery. Compare their offering and cost of work and choose who suits you most. Also ask for bids in writing and make sure they come with specifics. This will help you determine whether their pricing includes the cost of work or you have to supply the materials. Professional painters always include the pricing in their contract. 

If you are looking to hire a professional, always look at how applicants for the job carry themselves. Do they project a sense of professionalism and experience? Talking of painting as an art is a show of good professionalism. If the painter talks of good work done in the past then that is a good show of experience. Check if the painter is always busy as professionals are always busy. You should also observe if they answer calls in time and arrive for appointments in time. While observing the behaviour of applicants, make sure to be keen on those that are courteous and business-like as good professionals always complement the two. 

It is normal to have questions how the task you want done. When hiring a painter, ask all the questions about painting that you have in mind and watch how the applicant responds to the questions. This helps you to understand the services the painter is going to offer. It is also a good way to know if you are dealing with a good painter or a quack. Ask about the brands they are going to include. Good painters should be well versed with all the paint brands. Also ask about the price quotation and make sure to do research on the cost that you may incur when you want to paint your house. Hire the painter that gives a price quotation that almost concurs with your estimations. You also should ask about time estimates. When is the work going to start? When amount of time will it take to complete the work? Professionals give good time estimates. 

When contracting a painter to do paint your house, scrutinize the contract they offer. A good contract always includes the work to be done during preparation, the actual painting and the work to be done after the painting is done. Look at what preparation is going to be done and the estimated costs for this work. Look at how the applicant is planning to protect your property from damage or getting dirty. Also pay attention to paint brands quoted and only hire contractors that will satisfy you. Good contracts include time estimates. Look at how long it will take to start the work and how long the work is going to take. Painting will create a lot of mess in and around your house. Check to see whether the contract includes cleanup work after the actual painting. Hire painters that include cleanup work to avoid the extra load of looking for someone else to clean up after the painting. 

Many at times people give an onsite quotation to painters in order to get cost estimates. This should not be the case. Good painters are always eager to check out the site first. This gives them the opportunity to assess the situation of your house. It helps them to give correct estimates of cost, time and amount of paint to be used. A professional painter always visits the site and will give you accurate estimates of how long it will take for the work to be complete, cost that will be incurred and the brands of paint that will be used. It also gives them the opportunity to know how much preparation is required and how to protect your property from damage. Therefore it is good practice to let painters to assess your property themselves instead of giving them quotations yourself.


When choosing the right painting services, it is always advisable to have all the information in hand. Always check credentials and licensing, ask for references, pay attention to painter behavior and ask all relevant questions that you have. It is also good to use a bidding technique during which you should look at contracts brought forward. You should also never forget to let painters do an assessment of your property in order to get good quotations about time to be taken and cost to be incurred.

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