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Are you hoping to get a pair of new lights installed in your living room? Or does that leaky pipe in your kitchen
needs fixing? Is that electrical snag sticking out of the power socket detrimental to your child’s safety? Or are you considering getting a paint-job done on your house? Because, if your answer to any of those questions is in the affirmative, then please pick up the phone nearest to you and call a handyman. No, I am serious! Please, don’t try to be a hero and make that call.

Handyman Services

Because, let’s be real. If it is broken, a Handyman can fix it. If it is old and worn, a Handyman can replace it. And if you are in a budget fix, a Handyman can do his best to modify it. Precisely speaking, if you need to keep your surroundings in top-shape, you may need the handy skills of a handyman. Handyman are generally specialized in a wide range of skills as they offer varying services, including:

· Fixing and mounting shelves, TV brackets, curtain rods, roller blinds.

· Providing landscape solutions – Research proves that looking at nature boosts an individual’s psychological health.

· Carrying out minor, as well as major tiling work.

· Installing ceiling lights, hanging lights, false ceiling PLC light, replacing an expired light, upgrading to LED to save energy, and converting existing light fixtures to LED to save utility bills.

· Supplying and running SCV point or LAN cable

· Installing, repairing, and moving existing switch socket outlets.

· Assembling furniture; including shelves, desks, and drawers.

· Mounting and installing ceiling fans or wall fans.

· Painting whole units for residential or commercial purposes – Painting on your own gets paint everywhere, from the furniture to the carpet, unless you have had past experience in painting. But even if you do, who has the time?

Handyman Services

· Re-piping, rectifying pipe choke issues and unclogging.

· Installing all kind of tap, mixer tap, and other bathroom fixtures.

· Electrical snags – Do-it-yourself electrical repairs can be a dicey proposition, which brings handymen into the mix.

· Fixing and handling door knob issues; including installation of stainless steel door handles for glass fittings.

· Installing, replacing, and adjusting automatic door controls, so that they close after you at various speed and also lock in position when needed.

· Installing and replacing floor springs – Offices often require the replacement of their floor board and springs, thus making it a task available for men who work with their hands.

· Disposing off bulky items, including non-working appliances, while helping in the installation of working appliances.

· Removing photos and posters when needed, followed by patching up the walls.

· Offering space solutions, specially when renovating the premises.

As apparent by the long list of tasks mentioned, it can be safely said that Handymen are, for lack of a better term, jacks of all trades, providing maintenance solutions and assistance to residential buildings, houses, and offices. They tackle tasks that vary from installing a new power outlet in your bedroom to remodeling your entire kitchen.

And in order to complete those tasks, Handyman often carry around their equipment and have their vehicles stuffed with the tools of their trade. If you peek into a handyman’s vehicle, you might find a wood-cutter snugly fitting up against a range of bottles, from thinners to floor cleaners; a step ladder horizontally positioned in the corner; and screws of all sizes scattered inside a tool-box.

Due to their chosen path, however, handymen often work at odd hours, as many clients prefer them to visit and begin repairs once they are home from work. However, the duration and cost of the work that a handyman does in one visit depends on the extent of the repair and the task at hand.

Handyman Services

It has been noted, that in the past, the bulk of handyman business came through word of mouth. However, in recent years, with the use of technology, applications have been created on mobile devices to spread the negative reviews or to forward the positive information regarding a handyman’s skills. This has also led to an increase in the demand for handyman services, even in the leaner months.

Finding a handyman is not quite daunting a task. Instead, several handyman services have set up blogs and websites to direct customers to their online domains, encouraging customers contact them accordingly. Most of these providers mention their prices as well, in order to make it simpler for the customers to decide which handyman service they should go for. Although, the choice of a specific service depends on a number offactors, which are as follows:

· The planning and creation of allowance/budget for the job – Customers should have a ballpark figure ready, in case the handyman will be required to modify the extent of the repairs, respectively.

· The provision of service and after-work guarantee offered by the company plays a significant role, including the payment of the premium upfront, which can sometimes deter the customer from getting repairs done.

· The nature of the fixing job - If it requires a specialist electrician or plumber, then a handyman should not be asked to handle the situation.

· The rates of the handyman – these differ, based on the experience of the craftsman you have opted for, and his previously set fixed rate.

· The amount quoted by the handyman, including the cost of additional material that will be required for the repairs.

Despite your choice of handyman, they are considered to be the outside reinforcement that you need at times to run your office and home smoothly. No matter whether you need a tiny bit of help with a faulty electrical layout, or complete assistance with a tricky repair job, hiring the services of a handyman would help you restore any kind of fixer-upper. Really, if you are willing to pay for it, they are willing to fix it.

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I was recommended by my friend to try out Handyman Singapore. We gave them a call, whataspp them 2 different types of light bulbs and a LED light in our bathroom. They came with similar design and get our problem fixed. They also helped us drilled some holes to hang our pictures. friendly, reliable and efficient.
Mrs Wong (Telok Kurau)
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