How Much To Paint A 3, 4 Or 5 Room Flat?

The flats in Singapore are all under the Housing and Development Board, HDB. That means that all the flats in Singapore are the HDB flats. These flats have different types of houses, ranging from three rooms, four and five rooms. The rooms have been designed to suit different classes of people. When one is moving into a new flat, they might want to do some extra remodelling. In the remodelling, it might need you to paint it, according to your preferred color blend.

How Much To Paint A 3, 4 Or 5 Room Flat?


The cost for painting the flats will apparently vary according to the size of the house. The type of paint used will also determine the money that you would expect to spend on the given flat. Painting the flats is a great way to ensure that you have taken good care of the flat. Painting is one of the jobs that is not easily done by anyone. For that, you would need to call professional contractor, who is accustomed to the HDB flats.

Here are the costs of painting, in relation to the size of the flat:

5 Room HDB Flat

This is the biggest flat in the HDB flats, and it is also the most expensive. Even though the flats have the same rooms in size, the 5 rooms flats will have slightly bigger rooms. That is the reason why they have higher painting rates. To paint these flats, it would cost between $800 and $1500. This is a rough estimate, because every contractor will come with their own prices. Due to the size and number of the rooms, it would take about two or four days to complete. But in most cases, it can take four days, because the paint must completely dry.

4 Rooms HDB Flat

This is the second largest, and it is almost one of the most selected flats. The rooms will be similar to the 5 room flat, but these are fewer. The same way, you will need to call a contractor and negotiate about the charges for painting. The estimated cost of painting a 4 room flat is about $700 and $1350. This is also because the contractors would have varying prices altogether. The painting process would take between one to three days to finish. Most of the flats will take about two or three days.

 Paint A 3, 4 Or 5 Room Flat?

3 Room HDB Flat

These flats are also common among the residents of Singapore, and are the ones with the most affordable painting cost. The rooms are similar to the rest, but slightly different from the 5 room flat. The estimated price for painting a 3 HDB flat is about $600 and $1100. The time taken to complete the painting of a 3 Room HDB flat is about one to two days. However, it is important to know that most of the houses take a single day to complete the entire painting.

The Type Of Paint

The type of paint used will also affect the cost of painting a particular flat. First off, before the painting commences, the contractor will inspect the wall quality, to determine which type of paint is the best to use. Depending on the quality of the wall, the contractor will choose the right paint to use. Some will need to use a sealer or a primer, and for that, you would expect to pay more.

Suppose the walls are new, you will need to have your walls painted using sealers. For the sealers, you will expect to pay about $300 for a water-based seal, and about $350 for an oil-based sealer for a 3 room. A 4 room flat would cost about $450 for an oil-based paint, and $400 and water-based sealer. A 5 room flat will cost about $500 and $500 for a water-based and oil based paints sealers.


You can make requests to the contractor on the different color of paints that you need to have in your flat. Nevertheless, the HDB requires that every flat to have the appropriate color. Darker colors like black and dark blue are not used as such. And actually, the board discourages any use of dark colors in the flats. This is also because of the costs of electricity. A darker house would need you to keep your lights on even during the day. The board encourages the use of pure white paint.

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