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Giving a new coat of paint to your home is always a great idea but getting it done by professional house painting service providers or doing it all by yourself are both exhaustive tasks for which you need to do a lot of planning. If you want to hire a professional for the work through a reputed company, you will have to do some fact-finding about the companies that you have shortlisted for the purpose. You should choose the company based on their reputation, experience, certification and credentials and techniques they use so that you face less of the hassle and get a very good result from your investment in the house painting. In case, you want to do it yourself, you should be ready for a fair amount of work from choosing the colors to finding the handyman. But before the walls in your home start receiving the first brushstrokes, you need to prepare the home for the impending metamorphosis.

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Clear the Room

This involves cleaning the room which is going to get painted first. Remove all items such as paintings, posters, and other similar things from the walls. Remove all moveable things including furniture, electrical gadgets, and food items. Things that you cannot take out of the room can be moved to the center and covered with a piece of cloths. If you don’t move things out of the room or cover them, they may get stained with the paint during the painting. Also, you need to all this clearing of things from the room before the painting starts whether by you or a hired professional.

Line the floor

After clearing the room, you need to line the room with paper or nonabsorbent cloth so that the floor does not get stained with the paint dripping from the walls or the paintbrush. Cover the entire area of the floor.

Get the Right Tools

Having the right tools is very important in the painting job. This can help prevent accidents during the process and ensure the best outcome. Some of the basic things you need include painting brushes, painting roller, and blue tape. Additionally, you may need a ladder to reach the inaccessible parts of the house and a face mask to protect you from the strong smell of the paint that can cause dizziness. To buy the necessary things including the paint, you can go to the store, where you can get more information on the kind of tools you may need. When you engage a professional service provider for the job, they come with all the required tools and equipment.

Right Paint – Quality & Price

Getting at the right set of colors will require you to bare your heart and explain it clearly to the salesman. Quality and pricing are two important factors that you need to take into account. You may find some cheap paint but they may be of poor quality. If you select poor quality paint, you may have to go for another round of house paint too soon. Plus, they will not give you the finish that you will get from high-quality paints.

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Clean the Walls

A clean wall will make the new coat of paint look even better. So clean the wall properly with water and cleaning agents used in cleaning the walls. Remove all the dust, cobwebs, and any other things that may find on the walls. If there are some cracks or holes on the surface of the walls, they can be sealed before the painting. Any bump or uneven surface can be taken care of at this stage.

User Primer

Before you start painting the walls with your color of choice, you should first give a coat of primer to the walls. It prepares the walls to receive the paint. If the primer has been used, the house painting gives a much-enhanced outcome and finish. The primer sticks well on the wall and when the paint is applied on the primer, it lasts longer than when it is directly applied on the walls.

Get Professional Help

Painting the entire house alone may not be possible for you. Also, because it can, at times, be difficult for you to meet the demands of the job. You may lack the tools, or the expertise to handle difficult painting jobs, for example, painting the ceilings. In case, don’t hesitate to take professional help. You can also hire some handymen who know a lot about this kind of job and can assist you in finishing the task.

Most of the residential options available in Singapore are from the HDB and they often require a new coat of paint with the moving in of a new family. Professional house painters and handymen have a better understanding of these homes and the work that painting these houses involves. You can take their help in whatever you find too difficult for you.

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Here is a final checklist you should refer to before starting the painting job:

House painting is a huge project and can take several days. Work out the costs, and prepare everything else, so that you go through less hassle.

• It is important to see if you are physically fit to undertake this kind of work. Painting a house can require you a lot of physical activity, and climbing up and down the ladder. Are you ready for this?

• Make sure you have adequate stock of primer and paint. Also, all the tools such as brushes, drop cloths, ladders, sandpaper, scrapers, and rollers should be readily available.

• Hire an experienced and reliable handyman. Keep the contact details of a professional house painter handy.


House painting is a huge task but it be can be accomplished with ease if you have the right set of tools, professional help, and a spirit to undertake a good deal of physical activity over a period stretching from one week to a few weeks. If you are planning to go for house painting, keep our tips in mind. It will make your painting job a lot easier and can also save from accidents and cost overruns.

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